Spellman High Voltage, Hauppauge, NY

 Embedded Systems Engineer: November 2017- Present

  • Reverse-engineered a discontinued, legacy tool, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars on the alternative solution, which cost $1200 each.
  • Noticed a major company-wide procedural and security flaw, worked with the IT department and higher management to correct the problem, and supervised the rollout of the solution.
  • Routinely and directly engages customers and implements custom solutions to fit their application.
  • Supervised the rollout of Avecto Defendpoint, ensured that the digital design group’s tools would run properly amid new IT security changes.
  • Continually upgrades firmware and GUIs in a fast-paced environment to meet ever-changing customer requests.
  • Directly engages with customers to resolve technical issues; voluntarily developed a tool to help clarify our RS232 command protocol.



Veeco Instruments, Plainview, NY

 Contract Software Engineer: October 2015- Present

  • Lead C++ engineer dedicated to an R&D project for Veeco’s Optium® advanced lapping system.
  • Working extensively with mechanical, electrical, and systems engineers to increase lapping support from a 48 slider arm to a 70 slider arm, which should increase Seagate’s manufacturing throughput.
  • As the only team member with VHDL and programmable logic experience, I volunteered for and was tasked to reverse-engineer, rewrite, and upgrade the PLD on the PCI cards necessary for the customer requirement, My actions resulted in significantly reducing the promised product delivery date.
  • Taken the lead role in researching and integrating a brand protection system on the tool; considerations include using the latest technology from SecureRF, dataglyphs, or computer vision authentication schemes.
  • Participated in a “Root Cause Investigation for CAPA” training course and educated non-participating team-members in the methodology.
  • Gained experience in software control systems, root cause analysis, CAPA, Agile software development, semiconductor processing, manufacturing environments, embedded firmware, brand protection, RFID and NFC, public key encryption (Algebraic Eraser and SecureRF).



North Atlantic Industries, Bohemia, NY

Junior Software and Test Engineer: January 2015 – July 2015
Software Engineering Intern: June 2014 – December 2014

  • Extensively tested and verified part of a multimillion dollar custom project for the U.S. Army, one of NAI’s most important contracts.
  • Developed an XML serialization library that allowed data required for tests and calibrations to be easily stored, used, modified, and transferred between programs.
  • Co-developed a test plans for a new modules and authored software to execute the test.
  • Principal software engineer of NAI’s new automated test suite; incorporated an easily extensible calibration framework for their multi-function I/O boards. I began this project as an intern and it followed me as a full-time engineer.
  • Used skills learned at Texas Instruments to write optimized, yet readable, well-commented, and well-organized software.
  • Gained experience in embedded systems development, hardware testing, C# and .NET, mixed-language programming, GUI development, and military applications.



Texas Instruments Incorporated, Germantown, MD

 Software Engineering Intern: June 2013 – August 2013

  • Implemented C-based uniform, Gaussian, and exponential psuedo-random number generators (PRNGs) for DSPLIB
  • Optimized generators for the advanced pipeline of the C66x Keystone digital signal processors using loop unrolling, intrinsic functions, and inline assembly.
  • PRNGs were largely based on the Tiny Mersenne Twister and the ziggurat algorithm.
  • Gained experience in library development; software pipelining; debugging and profiling; architecture optimization using assembly and intrinsic functions; code documentation (Doxygen); coding standards; MATLAB; meeting spec requirements; understanding consumer needs; independent work and teamwork; technical communication skills; meeting deadlines; and design and code reviews.