The tables listed below illustrate my relevant coursework and respective grades. Course descriptions are provided at the respective department’s course bulletin (linked to below). For a complete summary of my undergraduate coursework, I have provided my unofficial transcript in PDF form.

Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS)

Course Number Course Name Instructor Grade
361 Applied Calculus IV: Differential Equations Yuefan Deng  A
342 Operations Research II: Stochastic Models Jiaqiao Hu  B
341 Operations Research I: Deterministic Models James Zuber  A
310 Survey of Probability and Statistics Jiaqiao Hu  B
303 Graph Theory Dzejla Medjedovic  A
301 Finite Mathematical Structures Gui Citovsky A-
261 Applied Calculus III Tulin Kaman  B+
210 Applied Linear Algebra Bryan Clark  A-
161 Applied Calculus II Ryan Kaufman  B+
151 Applied Calculus I Gaurish Telang A-

Computer Science (CSE)

Course Number Course Name Instructor Grade
376 Advanced Systems Programming in UNIX/C Erez Zadok  A
306 Operating Systems Eugene Stark  A-
230 Intermediate Programming in C and C++ Ahmad Esmaili A
219 Computer Science III Richard Mckenna  A
214 Computer Science II Ahmad Esmaili  A
114 Computer Science I Paul Fodor  A

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ESE)

Course Number Course Name Instructor Grade
476 Instructional Laboratory Development Practicum Kenneth Short  A
441 Engineering Design II Kenneth Short  A
440 Engineering Design I Kenneth Short A
382 Digital Design Using VHDL and PLDs Kenneth Short  A
381 Embedded Microprocessor Systems Design II Kenneth Short  A
380 Embedded Microprocessor Systems Design I Kenneth Short  A
372 Electronics Leon Shterengas A-
356 Digital System Specification and Modeling Sangjin Hong A-
346 Computer Communications Thomas Robertazzi A
345 Computer Architecture Mikhail Dorojevets B+
306 Random Signals and Systems Petar Djurić A-
305 Deterministic Signals and Systems John Murray B+
301 Engineering Ethics and Societal Impact Donna Tumminello A
300 Technical Communication for Electrical and Computer Engineers Ronald Marge A
271 Electrical Circuit Analysis I Armen Zemanian A
218 Digital Systems Design Dmitri Donetski A
211 Electronics Laboratory A Gregory Belenky A-
124 Computer Techniques for Electronic Design I David Westerfeld A
123 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering David Westerfeld A